Perfect Kiss ⛰ Available Now

Perfect Kiss by Lacey Black is LIVE!

Series: Mason Creek, Book 9 – Standalone
Genre: Small Town Romance
Trope: Opposites Attract Romance, Single Parent

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They say opposites attract, but I never understood the phrase until Leni Abbott walked into my office—or more specifically—into my office bathroom, while I was naked. Even as the pink stained her cheeks and she stuttered to speak, I was completely intrigued. She’s unlike anyone I’ve met before and, wildly enough, seems immune to my charms.

She also has a son. A young five-year-old boy, Trace, who blindsides me with his toothless grin and worms his way into my heart.

Together, they make me feel things. Things I’ve never expected. This single mom might not know it, but she could be everything I never knew I wanted.


I’ve heard all the rumors about Malcolm Wright, the playboy mayor with a trail of broken hearts left in his wake. I try to resist him, really I do, but he’s always there with those devastatingly gorgeous eyes and a sexy smile full of wicked intent. When he hires my business to clean his impressive house, I know I should stay away, yet find my resolve slipping.

Then he meets my son. I fully expect him to run for the hills, but that doesn’t happen. In fact, being near Trace only seems to draw Malcolm and I closer.

Now there are two hearts on the line as I put my trust and faith into the one man in Mason Creek who may not be able to give his own heart in return.

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Not only is Malcolm a lawyer but he is also the Mayor of Mason Creek however his political aspirations run much higher. He is well aware of his appeal towards the opposite sex and is quite content being single until his unforgettable first meeting with Leni.

Leni is a single mother who has recently returned to Mason Creek to give her five-year-old son Trace the best life she can. She works two jobs to make ends meet and after being burnt by love in the past she isn’t looking to repeat the experience with another man who is only looking for fun.

Although they have very different lifestyles and neither is looking for love sometimes they take us on a touching journey as they realize that sometimes the heart knows best.

Welcome to Mason Creek, Montana.
12 Books by 12 Bestselling Authors, all linked together by one fictional small town.

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