Wildfire 🎧 on Audio

🎧Wildfire from Chelle Bliss on Audio!🎧

Can a bossy biker tame Tamara Gallo?

Tamara Gallo was missing something in life. Looking for adventure, she takes off, searching for a hot biker who can deliver more than a good time. But once inside the Disciples compound, she may get more than she bargained for.

The badass biker thought he had everything he wanted. He had his freedom, the open road, and the brotherhood. But after being tasked with protecting an innocent, he realizes he’s missing the most important thing of all…the love of a good woman.

But can the bossy biker tame the wild child, or will she be too much for him to handle?

Wildfire is the third book in the new steamy MC romance Men of Inked: Heatwave series by Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author Chelle Bliss. If you love a dirty talkin’, tough-as-nails, smooth-as-sin bad boy with tons of heat and a wickedly wild ride, Wildfire will deliver.

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✦Audible US: menofinked.com/wild-aud-us
✦Audible UK: menofinked.com/wild-aud-uk
✦Amazon: amzn.com/B084YXY4T9

Tamara had high hopes for the evening but when she arrives at the Disciples MC with plans for a fun evening it turns into a disaster until she meets Mammoth.

Mammoth has been tasked by the Club with keeping Tamara safe until they can arrange for her safe return to her family but when danger erupts, and they find themselves spending more time together they are drawn to other and the attraction is more than physical.

The narrators brought out not only Tamara’s fiery personality and the strong protector that Mammoth but the hot chemistry between them as well. It is always fun to catch up with the Gallo’s and this book was no exception.

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