Burden 🎧 On Audio

🎧Burden from Melissa Ellen on Audio

One day, the life I lead will get me killed. It’s my burden to carry.

One I easily accept. One I never thought twice about until the day I met her.

While avenging his mother’s death, Declan Connolly trusts no one, not even the men sworn to be loyal to him as the leader of their Irish clan. The final warning Declan’s father gives him on his deathbed is one he holds close to his chest. But when Francesca Costa stumbles into his life, he must decide whether he will continue to heed his father’s warning or trust the Italian beauty that could destroy everything.

Purchase Links: https://www.melissaellenwrites.com/burden

Burden: Made, Book 2


Declan was born and raised in a mafia family and has always known that it was his destiny. The one lesson he has learnt is to trust no one so when he finds Francesca in his office at the club he owns he has questions. He never expected the answers to intertwine their lives in a way he couldn’t have anticipated.

Francesca is searching for the truth about her father and since her mother isn’t willing to tell her she will uncover the truth herself. Her investigation attracts the attention of the wrong people which turns Declan, the man she knows she should fear, into her protector.

Declan knows that caring for someone is a liability, but Francesca breaks through the walls he has built around himself and proves that she is his equal in every way. I enjoyed the performance of the narrators as they brought out Francesca’s feisty side as well as the very different sides of Declan when he is dealing with friends compared to foes. 🎧The Flock

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