Feels Like Love 💚 Available Now

Release Date: August 25

I’m secretly in love with my best friend’s little sister.

So, I do what any good friend would—avoid her.

At least, until my house floods, and my best friend suggests I move in with Wren.

Resisting her has never been easy.
But when Wren convinces me to be her dating coach, it’s impossible.

The more we “practice,” the harder I fall for her and her amazing son.
The more I start to believe what we have is real.

It feels like love, but is it worth risking my friendship with Wren and her brother to know if she feels the same? 

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Wren is happy with her career, is close to her family and her son River is her everything however the one thing she would like is a man to share it with. She has had feelings for her brother’s best friend Bennett for as long as she can remember but doesn’t believe they are destined to be more than friends so who better to give her the dating advise she believes she needs.
The feelings that Bennett has for Wren go far deeper than friends, but he knows that her brother would never approve. When he finds himself needing a short-term place to stay, he knows that living with Wren and denying his feelings is going to test his will power to the extreme especially when she wants him to help her attract other men. Let the complications begin!
There interactions are humorous and hot and not only are Bennett, Wren and River captivating characters but there is a great cast of secondary characters that make this wonderful story even better.
Meet Jenna Hartley

Contemporary romance author, Jenna Hartley writes about strong, independent women and the men who dare to love them. Her characters aren’t perfect; they’re authentic. Her passion is to make their stories feel as real for readers as they do to her, infusing each one with sexy, sweet, and laughable moments that reflect real love.




When she’s not writing, Jenna spends her days chasing after a hilarious and imaginative toddler, as well as hunting down new allergy-friendly recipes for them to cook together.
She lives in Texas with her family and loves nothing more than a good book, good chocolate, and Topo Chico.
Connect with Jenna Hartley
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