Spark of Time 🔥 Available Now

How well do you know the man you married?

Isabelle knows all men have issues, but when you’re in love, you make allowances.
But what do you do when those issues turn into bruises or worse?


Jamie’s family is part of an MC. He may not approve of them but flesh and blood always come first.

Isabelle is someone Jamie wants to get to know, but she has secrets and boundaries which he’s finding hard to get through. He’s falling for her, but she keeps him at arm’s length and firmly in the friend zone.

Jamie is sure he can make Isabelle happy.

Will the family he keeps at a distance help him?

Or will her secrets and past destroy them all?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Kathleen Kelly comes book five in her MacKenny Brothers series.
Spark of Time

Book 5, in the MacKenny Brothers Series.

Cover Designer: CT Cover Creations, Clarise Tan.

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When Isabella married what she thought was her dream come true turned into a nightmare. She and her sister managed to break free the situation they found themselves in and have created a new life. She is cautious about letting people into her life but there is something about Jamie that feels she can trust him.

Although his brothers joined the MC that wasn’t the life that Jamie wanted for himself. When he meets Isabella, he is drawn to her in a way he has never felt before, but he also knows that there is a lot more to her than first appears. When the threats from her past reappear there is nothing that Jamie won’t do to keep her safe and that includes asking the MC for help.

Isabella is so much stronger than even she knows while Jamie is the perfect combination of patient and protective. They take us on a romantic and suspenseful journey that you won’t be able to put down.

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