Starlight 🍻 Available Now

STARLIGHT by Christine DePetrillo

Release Date: September 2, 2021

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Cover Design: Elle Maxwell Designs

About the Book:

He doesn’t trust women. She only trusts dogs. Why can’t they keep their paws off each other?

Darren Reade builds stone walls in Vermont–and around his heart. Women don’t stick around, so it’s better to put up No Trespassing signs and focus on raising his adopted son. Darren is willing to do whatever it takes to help the boy cope with his mother’s death. But doing it alone is a challenge.

Grace Hollings indulges her love of old-school jazz by singing nights at the Speakeasy Taproom, and spends her days training service dogs, connecting small humans with smart pooches. Of course she’d planned to be married already, but a failed engagement has taught her that dogs make better company than men.

One evening, Grace and Darren don’t exchange names, but they do engage in a single night neither of them will forget. Is once all there is? Or can they train their hearts to trust what they’ve built under the starlight?

Darren is a man who has loved twice with devastating outcomes however the one good thing to come from it is his adopted son Darren. Between his career, his friends and his son he doesn’t need anything else until one evening with Grace has him wondering what if.

Grace has a difficult romantic past of her own but has found her niche training service dogs and honoring her grandmother by singing at Speakeasy a couple nights a week which is where she met Darren. They both agreed to one night but when his son needs one of the dogs she trains their worlds collide and they realize that there is so much more to life than the way they have been living it.

Neither Grace nor Darren were looking for love or a relationship but they take us on an emotional journey as they help each other and Darren heal from the past.

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