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Release Date: September 13, 2021


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I’m a numbers girl.

Or at least I thought I was, until my formula fell apart. Back home in Vermont, with my dream on hiatus, I’m working at the Busy Bean and taking online classes. As long as I keep my focus, I’ll be back in New York City next semester. Hopefully.

When Declan O’Shaughnessy storms into the café, all muscles and tattoos, wielding his sexy Irish brogue like a weapon, the only equation I can solve is one that lands me in his bed. Even more dangerous is my growing affection for his cherub-faced little boy.

But Declan has complications of his own. He’s cagey, but I’ll win him over.

Yeah, about that focus… mine is all on him. Can we have a harmless fling without getting hurt?

Solana has endured more trauma in her life than anyone should have to, and she has had very little support along the way. Although she perseveres, she still has her struggles so when her life takes another difficult turn, she returns to her hometown to regroup where she meets Declan.

Declan has made some mistakes in the past, but he is working on turning his life around and being the father that his son Liam deserves. The attraction between them was immediate but between their pasts and the family drama they are both going through they definitely had some challenges to overcome.

Solana and Declan take us on an emotional ride as she doesn’t let her past define her and she refuses to let Declan’s define him as well as in each other they finally have the love and support they both deserve.

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