The Setup and the Substitute ⚾️ Available Now

Release Date: September 16


He’s a single dad trying to make it in the Major Leagues and she’s a substitute teacher looking for her next adventure. 
Owen Thatcher has been ghosted by his ex, leaving him to pick up the pieces of their family in the midst of being traded to a new team. After striking out with nanny after nanny, he’s desperate to create a stable life for his two kids. 
Sophie Callahan comes from an affluent family but this free spirit is nothing like the stereotypical trust fund baby. While she waits on the perfect job to open up, she’s making it work as a substitute teacher.
But a ruggedly handsome baseball player makes her an offer she can’t refuse. 
And it’s a whole new ball game when these attractive, available adults are under one roof.
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When Owen finds himself suddenly single, he is trying to balance being a father as well as the demands of being a professional baseball player for a new team. He hasn’t had much success in finding the right person to fit into their lives until he meets Sophie.
Sophie is a substitute teacher with a big heart. Being that she already knows Owen’s kids having her look after his children seems like the solution to both their problems however the biggest challenge may be denying the chemistry and connection between them.
The characters are captivating in this heartwarming story about love and family with just enough drama to keep you entertained without taking over.



Meet the Jiffy Kate



Jiffy Kate is the joint pen name for Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman.


Together, they spend their evenings and weekends spinning tales and hoping one day they hit a best-sellers list.


You can connect with them and follow along with their shenanigans on social media.

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