Her Renegade Cowboy 🤠 Available Now

Title: Her Renegade Cowboy (Moving Violations Book 3)

Author: Lora Leigh

Release Date: September 28, 2021

Her Renegade Cowboy (Moving Violations Book 3) by [Lora Leigh]

From #1 New York Times bestseller Lora Leigh comes the final book in the Moving Violations trilogy, Her Renegade Cowboy!

He will risk his life…

The oh-so-proper school teacher, Lily Donovan has learned, the hard way, that men are not to be trusted. Period. Until Levi Roberts, the new cowboy working at her cousin’s ranch, tempts her carefully-built resolve and awakens an all-consuming passion she thought lay dormant. But when she discovers his deadly secret, and her own secrets come to light, Lily unwittingly joins the lethal cat and mouse race between Levi and the man he’s been hunting for weeks.

To save her heart…

Former Ranger Levi Roberts has seen his fair share of deadly trouble during his years as a tough-as-nails operative. The ultimate expert in undercover investigations, he’s been tasked to find a man with a dangerous agenda in town. Routine work has been boring…until he runs into Lily, the prickly school teacher who tempts him like no other. Getting under her skin has been deliciously satisfying for his red-hot desire, but when Lily lands in the hands of the very man he’s been investigating, Levi will have to fight with every ounce of his heart and soul to save her—and to heal the heart he broke.

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The ordeal that Lily endured has changed her and caused her to be closed off and wary of others. Her determination to do the right thing was to ensure that justice was served however she is about to find out that the threat she never shared with others is far from over. She isn’t about to let it control her life so she will focus on her career as a teacher and keep her distance from the sexy cowboy who is working on her cousin’s ranch.

Levi has come to town, and he has an agenda that he doesn’t want to share with anyone especially Lily. He is intrigued by the fiery woman, but he also knows that there is a lot more going on than she is sharing. There is no denying the chemistry between them but will the secrets he holds keep her safe or place her in danger?

Neither Lily not Levi wanted the attraction they felt for each other, but it was a force too strong to be denied. They both made mistakes in keeping secrets from each other as they take us on a suspenseful, emotional and romantic journey.

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