Rush 🎸 Tour


The Trojan Series
by S.M. West
Publication Date: October 21, 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Rock Star Romance

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Rush – noun: a surging of emotion

My life is falling apart.

Fired from my job.

Blacklisted across NYC.

At odds with my mother.

The only thing good I have to hold on to is the memory of my steamy one-night stand.

Only I had no idea who Eli was…

Or that I’d end up working on his movie set.

The spark between us threatens to reignite every time we’re near each other.

But Eli wants more than just hot sex.

He has a daughter and wants a partner in life.

I’m seeking answers about my past and trying to plan my future.

Commitment is the last thing I want.

Yet, I’m unable to resist his pull and his passion.

His touch eases the turmoil in my life.

His kiss takes me to another place.

And the more time I spend with him and his daughter,

the harder it becomes to break away.

Though when forced to choose between Eli or a chance at a fresh start,

I’m not sure I can risk it all for love.


When Pru’s life takes a devastating turn, it only reinforces her belief that the only one she can count on is herself. She spent one night with a sexy stranger and never expected to see him again however fate had other ideas when she now finds herself working with him.
Eli is a single father and he would like nothing more than to find a woman to spend his life with. The one night he spent with Pru is never far from his mind so when he finds out they are working on a movie together he isn’t about to let her walk away a second time.
Pru has built walls around her heart to protect herself and isn’t looking for love or a relationship but with everything that Eli does and says he proves that he is different and that the only place she belongs is with him. They take us on an emotional journey that will have you believing in the power of love.


S.M. West writes romantic suspense and sexy, angsty contemporary romance. She’s a self-professed junkie of wine, chocolate and travel. If she isn’t writing or hanging with her family, she can be found planning her next adventure!

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