Nikki Castle πŸ’› Cover Reveal

 Nikki Castle has revealed the cover for 2 Fights!

Releasing January 25, 2022

A toxic ex.
A troubled girl.
A childhood friend helping her find the way back.

When Hailey finally ends her relationship with her narcissistic ex-boyfriend, she thinks all her troubles have ended. But what she doesn’t realize is that she’s been left with plenty of wounds that are invisible to the eye. And the only person capable of helping her heal has been in the role of protector for most of her life.
Jax has had a soft spot for the younger Porter sister ever since his family moved into their neighborhood. It feels like the most natural thing in the world to go from helping her with math homework to holding her hand through a rough breakup years later. But as he helps her to find her own strength, new feelings begin to stir between them.
While Hailey struggles to balance her emotional recovery with her budding attraction to her oldest friend, Jax has to decide if his new feelings for his best friend’s little sister are helping or hurting her journey.
Can Hailey and Jax navigate their new chemistry at the same time that she heals from a toxic relationship? Or will it be too much for Hailey to handle at one time?

Cover Designer: Jodie with Dark City Designs

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Meet Nikki Castle

Nikki Castle is a 29 year old wife and bulldog mom who writes steamy love stories about alpha MMA fighters and the women that melt their badass, playboy hearts. She spends her days working for a technology company and her evenings running a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym with her husband, who is also a retired fighter.

Nikki has been writing in one way or another since she was a teenager. She pursued an English and Philosophy degree in college, and finally decided to sit down and fulfill her longtime dream of writing an entire novel when quarantine began in 2020.
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