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BILLIONS: A Constantine Boxed Set by K Webster, M. O’Keefe and Becker Gray

Release Date: December 28th

Genre/Tropes: Dark Romance/Billionaire Romance/Forbidden Love


The BILLIONS Boxed Set contains three full length novels! Meet the powerful Constantine family in this breathtaking boxed set from three talented authors.




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“Brilliant storytelling packed with a powerful emotional punch, it’s been years since I’ve been so invested in a book. Erotic romance at its finest!” -#1NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken

A controlling billionaire with the maid…
The dangerous fixer with an heiress…
The hottest boy in school with a bookish girl…

BILLIONS contains three full length novels! Meet the powerful Constantine family in this breathtaking boxed set from three talented authors.

“M. O’Keefe brings her A-game in this sexy, complicated romance where you’re left questioning if everything you thought was true while dying to get your hands on the next book!” – New York Times bestselling author K. Bromberg


Wicked Idol – Keaton holds a position of power at Pembroke but all is not as rosy as it appears as with the privileged lifestyle that he was born into comes expectations and a future that isn’t his choice. Being the daughter of the headmaster at Pembroke Prep is difficult enough but drawing the ire of the elite and in particular Keaton was a complication Iris didn’t need. Keaton believes that she is just another person that he can bend to his will, but he is about to find out that her feisty personality makes her his perfect match in every way.

Stroke of Midnight – Winston is a powerful man who comes from an affluent family who prefers to keep his personal life dark and dirty. He is used to getting what he and that includes the woman cleaning his office building. When Ash’s father remarries, she became an outsider and now finds herself working as a cleaner so that she can attend college. Winston and Ash are like two halves of a whole as every harsh treatment he dishes out she not only accepts but enjoys it as well, but they are both about to find out that this no fairy tale.

Ruined – Poppy is a woman who is loyal to her family to her own detriment as she finds herself in a marriage that she doesn’t want that is her worst nightmare come true. Ronan is an enigma as not only is he charming, but he guards his secrets very closely. Their first meeting was at the most inopportune time but the chemistry and connection between them was electric. A few years later fate brings them together once again however with all that has transpired will he be her redemption or her downfall?

These three stories are the first book in different series which leaves us wanting more of these characters and the world they are set in.

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