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The O Zone by Kelly Jamieson is now live!
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He’s on the defense against love but scoring in the O zone is so much fun…

Owen Cook

I have one goal: To be the best hockey player I can be. I’m not going to waste the opportunity I have. All my focus is on hockey. I avoid distractions like women and relationships during the hockey season, but when a quirky subway busker asks me out on a fake date, somehow I’m intrigued enough to accept.

Emerie Ross

I gave up my music dreams to look after my half-sister. I don’t want her to feel as alone and neglected as I did after our mother died. But my ex-boyfriend is still trying to win me back and now my stepfather is helping him. Gah! I’d rather drink bleach than marry Roman Moretti. If they think I’m involved with someone else, maybe they’ll give up on that idea. All I need is a man…a date for a party.


When Emerie introduces me to her wicked stepfather (ha) I realize I’ve made a huge mistake. He’s my boss—the man who owns the team I play for. And he’s not happy to see me with Emerie. Can you say career ending move?


Oops. I hate hockey. How was I supposed to know who Owen is? How are we going to keep Vince from trading him away? How am I going to make sure I stay happily un-married? We’re going to have to keep up this pretense even if it means me going to hockey games. Ugh. Even if it means disrupting Owen’s rigid routines. Even if it means everything gets a lot more complicated…

About Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 40 romance novels and novellas.

Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. She likes black coffee, white wine and high heels…and of course cheering on her Winnipeg Jets during hockey season!

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After her mom passed away Emerie has dedicated her life to ensuring her younger sister felt loved and appreciated for who she was. When her stepfather tries to choose who she dates Emerie decides to take matters into her own hands by approaching a stranger who is a regular at her impromptu musical performances, not realizing who he was or the connection he had to her stepfather.

Owen is a professional hockey play who puts hockey first and everything else a distant second. There is something about Emerie’s music that makes him feel so he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend for a month never realizing that her stepfather is the owner of the team he plays for. Let the complications begin!

Emerie and Owen are perfect for each other in so many ways as they show each other there is so much more to life than the way they have living it. Full of emotion the evolution of the characters are sure to touch your heart and they are surrounded by a great group of friends who support them as they heal from the past and fight for their future.

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