Hauling Ashe 🚗 Now Available

Life might be a highway, but the last thing this grumpy silver fox expected was a road trip across the country with a ray of sunshine.

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Tucker Ashford has forgotten who he was. The former rock star – Tucker Ashe – turned social media sensation knows exactly where life took a U-turn. Problem is, he’s convinced it’s too late to circle back. When he needs a ride from Chicago to California for his daughter’s wedding, an eight-state journey with a quirky woman is more than he bargained for, but quite possibly the chance he needs to rewind time.

Mae Fox is ready to discover who she is. After two decades of marriage (gone wrong), motherhood (still going), and a not-so-small business (going quite well), she’s looking for the adventure of a lifetime – alone. However, her well-planned escape of come-what-may down the Mother Road is slightly detoured when she’s asked to haul a grumpy silver fox across the country.

The highway is a melody of cheesy sight-seeing stops, nostalgic locations, and a playlist that rocks as two lonely hearts take a road trip down the path of second chances and the possibility of love over forty.

+ + +

Hint: Can be read as a standalone, but if you’ve read After Care, Midlife Crisis, and Second Chance, this is the elusive original band member who left them behind.

Trope: later in life romance; second chance romance; road trip romance; travel; dating after loss; dating after divorce

What to expect:

*Grumpy silver fox

*Ray of sunshine

*Cross country shenanigans

*Second chance

*Love over 40

Now that her children are adults, and her tumultuous marriage has come to an end Mae has decided that now is the time to follow her lifelong dream of driving Route 66 from Chicago to LA. She never expected that a visit to see her sister before she departs would involve her having a grumpy and secretive man as her co-pilot.

Tucker has a complicated romantic past of his own which has impacted his view on relationships, love and women. He needs to get to his daughter’s wedding in LA but flying is not an option, so he now finds himself an unwilling participant in Mae’s journey of self discovery.

Although Tucker and Mae didn’t get off to the best start but their forced confinement results in them getting to know each other in a way they never expected and has them wondering if the road trip is a beginning and not an ending, but they have some challenges to overcome first.

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