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Claimed By The Mountain Man by Gemma Weir

The Montana Mountain Men Book 4

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Genre: Erotic Mountain Man Romance

Interconnected Standalone in the Montana Mountain Men series

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“Oh. My. Goodness. What did I just read? This is by far one of the hottest books I’ve ever read” – Goodreads Review

“OMG! If you love insta-love with a possessive, bossy, dirty-talking alpha this is the book for you” – Goodreads Review


Infuriating, sexy and seemingly everywhere, Penn Barnett is far too sexy for his own good. It seems like every woman in Rockhead Point has had a taste of the mountain man, and I can definitely see the appeal.

When I literally fall into his orbit, he tells me I’m his the moment our eyes meet. But my life is anything but simple, and right now I just don’t have the time or energy for another complication in my world… no matter how hot he is.

Only he isn’t prepared to take no for an answer… and he’s determined to make me his.

Now he’s everywhere I am, following me home and trying to take over my life. But I’m not the only woman who wants to be claimed by him and his ex has open access to my life, especially when I’m staying in her mom’s house.

If I’m his and he’s mine, how come everything is trying to tear us apart? He wants to claim me, and I might want that too, but my life isn’t my own, and for the first time ever… the Barnett brothers’ legacy might not be as powerful as real life.

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There is nothing Penn would like more than to find the woman who was meant to be his, but he didn’t expect to literally crash into her. Now that he has found her nothing is going to stop him from claiming her but convincing her may be the biggest challenge of all.
Lulu is a single mother to her daughter Poppy who came into her life under unusual circumstances. She has recently moved to town looking for a new beginning and has enough going on without a new relationship in her life, but nothing could have prepared her for Penn.
Lulu’s feisty personality is the perfect challenge for the protector in Penn as he was all in from the moment they met while Lulu took a little convincing. The chemistry between Penn and Lulu was off the charts however the past causes some chaos that they must overcome.

Meet the Author

Gemma Weir is a half crazed stay at home mom to three kids, one man child and a hell hound. She has lived in the midlands, in the UK her whole life and has wanted to write a book since she was a child. Gemma has a ridiculously dirty mind and loves her book boyfriends to be big, tattooed alpha males. She’s a reader first and foremost and she loves her romance to come with a happy ending and lots of sexy sex.

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