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 Release Date: January 31

I thought the proposal was a joke at first. You would too, given the circumstances. Anyone would. 


When my brother’s best friend asks me to marry him—right after we fell into bed together!—it’s not for love. 


And it’s certainly not because he has his eyes set on a happily ever after.


Oh no.


He wants me to be the future Mrs. Malone because he’s in a bind and “kind of needs a wife.”


But I’ve been head-over-heels, stupid-in-the-brain in love with the guy since I was sixteen. SIXTEEN.


While he’s talking about a business proposal, I’m staring at a dream come true.


Obviously, I should walk away from this crazy idea with my head held high, but when it comes to Jude, I’m weak. I always have been.


Plus, after our drunken rendezvous the night of my brother’s wedding, I’ve got some very real reasons to say yes.


I can get through this with my heart intact…can’t I?

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Izzy doesn’t remember a time that she wasn’t attracted to her brother’s best friend so when they both find themselves in her brother’s wedding party it is everything she has ever wanted but also everything she knows she can never have. She never expected that their steamy evening together would lead to a marriage proposal based on need rather than love.
Jude is charming and although he isn’t looking for love or a relationship circumstances have him needing a wife and who better than his best friend’s sister. What was supposed to be a marriage of convenience is turning out to be anything and that is when the fun really begins!
Izzy has some self-doubt to overcome but even though Jude made some missteps along the way he showed that she was perfect just the way she is.

Meet Abby Brooks

Abby Brooks is a romance author who lives with the love her life and their three kids in a small town in Ohio. 

She loves dancing in the kitchen, laughing with people she loves, and reading way too late into the night. 

She also loves hearing from her readers!

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