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π‹π’πŸπž π€πŸπ­πžπ« π–π’πŸπž, a small town, friends to lovers romance, by Amber Kelly is LIVE! One-click yours now!

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After my marriage crumbles, I run from the scrutiny of my suburban Stepford-wife life to my hometown of Balsam Ridge, Tennessee, with my son to pick up the pieces.

The small mountain town offers plenty of opportunities for a fresh start: genuine friendships, reconnecting with my mother, and even finding work with the biggest family in town, the Tuttles.

It was only supposed to be for the summer, and catching feelings for someone wasn’t part of the plan, but with his quiet confidence the sexy as sin Graham Tuttle has broken down all my walls.

Now that I’ve found my footing again, should I go back and reclaim my life or take hold of an entirely new one?

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After her husband’s most recent betrayal Taeli makes the difficult decision that the life she thought she wanted is not the life she is living. She decides to return to her hometown with her son Caleb to spend some time with her mother as she decides what the future holds for them. Being home allows her to reunite with Graham but will it be enough to convince her to stay?
Graham was born and raised in Balsam Ridge where he and his family are an integral part of the community. He was happily married until his wife passed away and no other woman has made him feel the same way until Taeli comes back into his life. He wants a future a Taeli and her son and is determined to show her that he and the town hold everything she could ever want.
I enjoyed the evolution of Taeli’s character as she realizes what and who truly makes her happy while Graham is everything you could ask for in a man and so much more.


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