The End Of Us 💜 Available in Audio


THE END OF US is now available on Audible and Amazon audiobook! Featuring narrators: Andi Arndt, Narrator & Sebastian York 💜

✔️Age Gap
✔️Bodyguard Romance
✔️Forced Proximity
✔️Opposites Attract
…and of course, plenty of steam 🔥


Piper has lived a privileged life and has seen both the perks and downfalls of her celebrity status. She has drawn the attention of the wrong person which has placed her in danger and Tristan has been hired to keep her safe however after the latest threat he believes the only way to do that is to keep her hidden until they find out who is responsible.

When Tristan is required to spend time alone with Piper he believes that there is much more to the pampered princess that he believed. There is no denying the attraction between them, but will she be the woman to break through his walls and help him heal from his past?

At first glance you wouldn’t think that Piper and Tristan would be a match between the differences in their ages, lifestyles and life experiences but they balance each other to perfection and give each what they need and so much more. The narrators did a wonderful job at bring out the fun and feisty side of Piper and the sweet and sexy side of Tristan.

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