Love, Maybe (baby?)! 🌸 Cover Reveal

Hazel Parker has revealed the
cover for Love, Maybe (baby?)!

Releasing April 4, 2022

I have a secret …

A big one.

She’s five years old and looks just like me with her daddy’s eyes.

And her father has no idea she exists.

Not by design. While I’ve had a string of crappy exes, he wasn’t actually one of them. Just a one night stand, a big oops, and no way to find him again when I discovered what happened six weeks later.

But now fate or luck has brought us together again. I’m headed to New York for fashion week to showcase my newest line and Noah ends up next to me in a bar, the former high school football star  turned GM of New York’s football team.

He’s hot as ever, and so is our spark.

But I’ve been burned before. And what he doesn’t know can’t hurt anyone. Right?

Or can it?

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Meet Hazel Parker

Hazel Parker has been writing romance for almost a decade after an extended ongoing love affair with the genre since her teens. 
Most days you will find her in her office with a hot cup of coffee doing what she loves most: concocting ultra-sexy, juicy romances for her fans.
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