Mixed Up With A Marine 🎀 Available Now

 Release Date: April 8


Can a Marine turned baker and a jaded contractor find their way to a second chance?
Braxton Whitmore needs a change. After leaving the Marines, he’s free to build a new life. But is he gonna be a baker? Really? When his buddy inherits a decrepit bar and proposes they partner up to turn it into a bakery, Brax figures why not? Until his ex comes walking in.
Mia Whitmore has built a new life for herself, far from the heartbreak and secrets that tore her marriage apart. The last thing she expects is for her estranged husband to be business partners with her latest client. Or for Brax to think they’re already divorced.
As they’re forced into proximity on the renovation, truths come to light, and Brax and Mia get a second chance. But when past secrets become present danger, Brax puts everything on the line to protect the woman who’s always held his heart.

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Braxton has left his career as a Marine in the past and is looking forward to the next stage in his life which includes working with two of his teammates to open a bakery in Eden’s Ridge. When they arrange to meet the contractor they hired to renovate the building he is surprised to find out that it is his ex-wife and that isn’t the only surprise she has for him.
It’s been a decade since circumstances tore Mia and Braxton apart and during that time she has built a new life for herself. When she reunites with him the dormant feelings they have for each other resurface but between their past and the present they have some challenges to overcome.
Romance, suspense and all the feels as Braxton and Mia must learn to trust each other with their secrets, their hearts and their lives.
Meet Kait Nolan

Kait Nolan is a RITA® Award-winning Mississippi author who calls everyone sugar, honey, or darlin’, and can wield a ‘Bless your heart’ like a Snuggie or a saber, depending on requirements. 

She believes in love, laughter, and that tacos are the world’s most perfect food. 


When she’s not writing, reading, working the evil day job, or wrangling family (both the two-legged and the four-), you can find her obsessively watching The Great British Bake Off.

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