Wedding Season 💐 Available Now

Title: Wedding Season (The Carolina Girls)
Author: Michelle Major
Release Date: April 26, 2022
The last person she wants to see in Magnolia, North Carolina, could be exactly whom she’s been waiting for…

Mariella Jacob was one of the world’s premier bridal designers, but one viral PR disaster later, she’s trying to get her torpedoed career back on track in small-town Magnolia, North Carolina. With a secondhand store and a new business venture helping her friends turn the Wildflower Inn into a wedding venue, Mariella is finally putting at least one mistake behind her. Until that mistake—in the glowering, handsome form of Alex Ralsten—moves to Magnolia too.

Mariella ruined Alex’s wedding by announcing that his starlet bride-to-be was sleeping with Mariella’s fiancé. While he’s furious when they’re forced to work together, there’s no denying Mariella is hardworking, talented…and gorgeous. In fact, though Alex keeps reminding himself that they’re enemies, something deeper is growing…daring them to admit that a rocky past might lead to something unexpectedly wonderful.

Includes a Bonus novella! 
Josie Trumbull has rebuilt her life after her dreams were crushed by a career-ending injury. Now she teaches ballet in Magnolia and has mostly made peace with her life and future. Until her best friend, and proprietor of the bookstore next door, Stuart Madison, takes her completely by surprise.  

The Carolina Girls Series
Book 1: Wildflower Season
Book 2:
Mistletoe Season
Book 3:
Wedding Season
Wedding Season: A Novel (The Carolina Girls) by [Michelle Major]
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After being betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust Mariella didn’t handle it well and it left her professional life as wedding dress designer as well as her personal life in shambles. She has picked up the pieces and found a new beginning in Magnolia only to have Alex, who had a front row seat to the whole debacle, come back into her life.

Alex has plans to move his business to Magnolia, but Mariella was a surprise he didn’t see coming. She played a huge part in the most humiliating day of his life and all he wants is to leave it in the past. As they spend time together a romance between them develops but they soon find out that their shared past isn’t the only thing they will have to overcome.

This is a heartwarming story about learning from the past and surrounding yourself with people who will be there for you both through the good times and the challenging times. There is a great balance of humor, emotion and romance as Mariella learns a lot about herself and love.

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