Nothing Feels Better 🌼 Now Available

 Release Date: May 23

Jesse Hernandez has infiltrated my life.


The gorgeous, exciting, genius of a man who hangs out next door.

Who happens to be younger than me.

And in college.

And heading to medical school in just a few short months.


It started innocently enough.

The occasional run-in.

A few chance encounters.

An offer to babysit.

An offer for…more.


But then it snowballed.


Now, I only know two things for certain.

One, for the first time in my entire life, I’m not an afterthought.

And two, this will end very, very badly.


My kids. My job. His future.

It’s all at risk.


Jesse Hernandez has infiltrated my life, and if I’m not careful, we will all be in tatters when he leaves.



Nothing Feels Better is the third interconnected standalone in the Better Love series by Brit Benson. 

This single-parent, opposites attract romance is sassy, sexy, and has a guaranteed HEA.

It is not necessary to read the other books in the Better Love series in order to enjoy Nothing Feels Better.

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Jocelyn is trying to balance working, school and giving her children, June and Jude, the security and love that they need. Not only doesn’t she have the time or energy for a relationship, but she doesn’t believe that she is emotionally ready for it either. When she meets Jesse it doesn’t take long for him to break through her walls despite the fact that anything they shared would only be temporary.
Jesse is outgoing and has a big heart which means that he is always there for anyone who needs anything. From the moment he saw Jocelyn she became his everything and the same goes for her children. He is so supportive and understanding with everything he does and says and is exactly who they need in their life.
This story has all it all between the funny moments, the emotional times and the love not only between Jocelyn, Jesse, June and Jude but with the great group of friends who are always there through the good times and the bad.

Meet Brit Benson

Brit Benson writes romance novels that are sassy, sexy, and sweet.

When she’s not dreaming up her next swoony book boyfriend and fierce book bestie, she’s reading. 
When she’s not reading, she’s probably marathoning a Netflix series or wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles in Homegoods.
Brit currently resides somewhere near the Blue Ridge Parkway with her husband, daughters, and dogs.

Connect with Brit Benson

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