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After a terrible experience, I decided to move back home and help my family run our ranch. I’ve always been a cowgirl at heart, and this is where I belong. 

When I start a side job as an architect, Canaan and I get closer. The guy I’ve known most of my life is suddenly luring me in with his playful charm. 

He wants to compete against the book boyfriends I read about, and between terrible jokes and his kind heart, I fall for him. But then we’re threatened to become a pile of faded memories.


About the author:

Fabiola Francisco loves the simplicity—and kick—of scotch on the rocks. She follows Hemingway’s philosophy—write drunk, edit sober. She writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance, dipping her pen into new adult and young adult. Her moods guide her writing, taking her anywhere from sassy and sexy romances to dark and emotion-filled love stories.

Writing has always been a part of her life, penning her own life struggles as a form of therapy through poetry. She still stays true to her first love, poems, while weaving longer stories with strong heroines and honest heroes. She aims to get readers thinking about life and love while experiencing her characters’ journeys.

She is continuously creating stories as she daydreams. Her other loves are country music, exploring the outdoors, and reading.

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Madelyn had big dreams when she left for college but now that she has finished she can’t return home fast enough. She is helping out at her parent’s ranch while she looks for a job in her field, but she never expected the opportunity to come from Canaan, her best friend’s brother.

Canaan works in construction so when an opportunity comes up that matches Madelyn’s skill set, he knows that she is the person for the job. Although Madelyn and Canaan have always been in each other’s lives it is only when they work together that the sparks fly.

Humor, heat and all the feels as Madelyn and Canaan have a few obstacles to overcome as they fight for the happiness they both deserve.

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