Take The Lead 🏒 Available Now

Title: Take the Lead
Series: Central State #3
Author: Jaqueline Snowe
Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: June 28, 2022
Falling for my fake girlfriend was never part of the plan…
Daniella Laughlin might seem put together in her dance gear and captainship, but on the inside, she’s figuring out who she is without her mom’s beauty pageant influence. Constantly being critiqued and set up by her mom, she dreads going home for the holidays.
Enter her best friend’s older brother, hockey captain Gabriel Van Helsing. Dani and Gabe have been friends for two decades, and sure, she’s harbored a secret crush on him forever, but she never acted on it because his sister would’ve killed her. Gabe’s a player, on and off the ice, and the longest relationship he’s had is with his hockey stick. He offers to drive her home for Thanksgiving break and proposes the most bonkers idea—they should fake date until New Year’s to get her mom to leave her alone.
Gabe might wear the C on the ice, but he’s always been passive. Here for a good time, never rocking the boat. But after his latest hookup wouldn’t take a hint, he uses Daniella’s predicament for the perfect solution: if he was unavailable, people would leave him alone.
Things begin easily with their friendship, but with every touch and fake kiss, Daniella can’t hide her feelings anymore. And for Gabe, who sets deadlines for every fling he’s ever had, he struggles to fight for what he wants. When their timeline is up, Daniella’s insecurities clash with Gabe’s inability to commit. For two people hesitant to take a chance, they must risk their decade-long friendship for a shot at love.
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Dani has never felt she measured up to her parent’s expectations for her both when her comes to her image and the men in her life. She is dreading having to visit them over the holidays as she knows that they are determined to find a suitable man for her so she decides to ask Gabe to pretend to be her boyfriend to make the situation more tenable.

Gabriel is her best friend’s brother, the captain of the hockey team and the man she has been attracted to for as long as she can remember. He needs a girlfriend to dissuade the woman who want to become a permanent part of his life and she needs a boyfriend to keep her parents out of her business, let the fun begin!

Two friends agree to an arrangement however between the fun and flirtations it is beginning to feel like so much more. Gabe is so supportive as he shows Dani she is perfect just the way she is and when it comes to Gabe, Dani shows him that when it comes to his history with women it was only because he hadn’t let the right women into his heart.

Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Jaqueline Snowe lives in Arizona where the “dry heat” really isn’t that bad. She prefers drinking coffee all hours of the day and snacking on anything that has peanut butter or chocolate. She is the mother to two fur-babies who don’t realize they aren’t humans and a new mom to the sweetest baby boy. She is an avid reader and writer of romances and tends to write about athletes. Her husband works for an MLB team (not a player, lol) so she knows more about baseball than any human ever should.

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