On Opposite Sides 🐎 Blog Tour

Title: On Opposite Sides
Series: Texas Cattleman’s Club:  Ranchers and Rivals Book 3
Author: Karen Booth
Publishers: Harlequin Desire
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 28, 2022
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This socialite left her fiancé at the altar and now she needs a fake date to a wedding. What could go wrong? It started with one simple request: Pretend to like me for three days.” Canceling her own million-dollar wedding made socialite Alexandra Gold infamous. Now the only way to avoid going alone to the wedding of this season—and keep vicious gossip account Little Black Book of Secrets quiet—is to bring a fake date. The almost-perfect candidate: architect Ryder Carson, her brother’s best friend. Ryder’s off-limits, yet tempting, despite their recent history. And as the celebration heats up, so do the sparks. But is it only a matter of time before Little Black Book reveals their secret?


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Karen Booth is a Midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on ’80s music and repeated readings of Forever by Judy Blume. When she’s not writing about dreamy fictional men and the women who test them, she’s in the garden, obsessing over college basketball, or spending time with her husband, college-age kids, and bratty cat.


Alex is still trying to overcome the negative publicity that ensued when she cancelled her wedding and in order to diffuse the situation she needs a date for her best friend’s wedding. Her brother Daniel suggests that she take his best friend and business partner Ryder as it will help her out and Ryder can approach a man that they have been trying to connect with professionally.

Not only is Ryder’s best friend Daniel but Daniel’s father invested in the company that they are partners in. He knows that Daniel would not want him and Alex to be together and he has managed to control his feelings together except for the one night they spent together in the past. Now that they find themselves pretending to be a couple he is conflicted between his loyalty to Daniel and his feelings for Alex.

You can empathize with the struggle that Alex and Ryder are facing as they must choose between what makes them happy verses the edicts of those in their lives as they take us on an emotional and romantic journey.

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