Love Lessons 🏒 Available Now

He needs an image makeover, she needs a mojo upgrade. A new lessons-in-seduction hockey romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Sarina Bowen.

After I’m arrested for throwing a raucous party, my hockey team says I have an image problem. And I need to fix it, stat.

Charity work? Check. Haircut? Sure. But I draw the line at hiring my neighbor to style me. In the first place “style” shouldn’t be a verb. And I’m tired of people who’d judge me on appearances.

Vera and I don’t see eye to eye on anything. She wants me to try on clothes, while I just want to remove hers. She’s distractingly pretty, with soulful eyes and a sinful mouth that likes to argue with me.

But when management threatens my summer vacation, I grudgingly agree to Vera’s unusual proposal: she’ll give me an image makeover. But in return, she wants lessons in the art of seduction.

It sounds a little nutty, but I know a good opening when I hear it. Besides, it’s not like I’ll ever fall for her…


Ian is a professional hockey player who is dealing with the aftermath of an event during the hockey season and a publicity problem both when it comes to his off-ice activities and the way he presents himself. He has been told he needs to rebrand himself and who better than Vera, his sexy neighbor, who also happens to be a stylist.

Vera’s serious relationship with her boyfriend ended three years ago but it has left her with self-confidence issues when it comes to physical intimacy. Although she and Ian are like oil and water, they find themselves on a group trip to Rome and the sparks fly. An arrangement is made where he will tutor her in how to seduce a man and she will help him upgrade his image.

The banter between Ian and Vera was humorous and the physical connection between them was intense but it is the emotional connection that makes what they share so special. They share each others deepest secrets and fears, and the performance of the narrators only makes their story that much better.

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