Perfect Pact ⛰️ Available Now

PERFECT PACT, Mason Creek Book #27 (standalone) by Cary Hart is available on Amazon!


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Life hasn’t been easy for Beth, and her sexy new neighbor isn’t making it any easier.

When she inherits a beautiful old barn on the outskirts of Mason Creek, things are looking up—until she meets the stubborn cowboy next door. Turns out, he’s the absentee grandson of the man she was caring for. He got the house; she got the barn. The problem? A single driveway shared between the two.

In order to turn the property into her dream venue, she’ll have to make a deal with the handsome devil standing in her way. Access to the driveway in exchange for a date? Seems like a fair price. Except all isn’t fair in love and war—not in these parts, anyway. And making a perfect pact with a charming stranger could cost her something she can’t afford to lose… her heart.



When Beth inherits a barn from a man that she considered a grandfather she is hopeful that it will be the fresh start that she needs as this will allow her to start a new business if only it wasn’t for her annoying neighbor.

When Dusty is given his grandfather’s house he decides to move to Mason Creek because of the special times he shared with his grandfather and because of his attraction to Beth. He enjoys infuriating her and comes up with the perfect pact to convince her to give him a chance.

The interactions between Beth and Dusty are humorous and even though they had a misunderstanding along the way he shows her that she is no longer alone.


Cary Hart is a sassy, coffee-drinking, sometimes-sailor-swearing Spotify addict and lover of all things books!

She writes relatable romance—from swoon-worthy small town second chances, to angsty love that’ll rip your heart out, to rom-coms that will have you laughing out loud, page after page. Her characters deal with everyday life—the good, the bad…and the crazy! But they always get a happy ending!

Born and raised in the Midwest, she knows a thing or two about small town life. When not talking to the characters in her head, Cary has her hands full as a mom to two amazing teens and two spoiled cats! Thankfully, she has a supportive husband who loves her—and doing the laundry! In addition to working and writing full-time, she enjoys way too much Dateline, Friends reruns, and binge-watching the next big thing on Netflix!

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