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Perfect Someday, Mason Creek Book #28 (standalone) by Lauren Runow is available on Kindle Unlimited!


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I knew, someday, I’d have the life of my dreams.

I just wasn’t prepared to lose him in return.

Growing up in small-town Mason Creek, it’s hard for a girl to dream big. Since my mom was barely making ends meet, I knew moving away for college wasn’t in the cards. What I didn’t know was how singing a Miranda Lambert song while unpacking a box would change my life forever … and take me away from the only boy I’d ever loved. 

Matthew Simms was the guy I was destined to be with. Understanding, caring, and the town’s star athlete, he was my everything … including my first heartbreak. We both left Mason Creek to chase our dreams, leaving our love behind.

I never planned on coming back, but when a cruel turn of events strikes five years later, I’m shocked to come face-to-face with Matthew. Gone is the boy I left, and in his place is a man—handsome, strong, and rugged. There’s no denying our attraction lingers in the air, yet the reasons that kept us apart all this time are still as strong as ever.

He is the man of my dreams, but I chose the life I desired over him.

In the back of my mind, I always thought we’d be together someday. 

Well, someday is today. 

Only now, just as everything I’ve ever wished for is coming true, I wonder if I chose to chase the wrong dream.


⛰️Review ⛰️

Hannah fell in love with Matthew when she was a teenager and thought nothing could tear them apart until their dreams for the future led them in different directions. Years later a family situation has her returning to her hometown and reuniting with the man who has always owned her heart.

The love that Matthew had for Hannah was selfless so as much as it hurt he wasn’t about to stand in the way of the future she wanted. When they find themselves in the same place at the same time will this be their second chance or are they destined for heartbreak once again?

This is a heartwarming story of a love that neither time nor distance could destroy and after everything they have been through while they were apart they realize what and who will truly make them happy.

Meet The Author:

Lauren Runow is the author of multiple Adult Contemporary Romance novels, some more dirty than others. When Lauren isn’t writing, you’ll find her listening to music, at her local CrossFit, reading, or at the baseball field with her boys. Her only vice is coffee, and she swears it makes her a better mom!

Lauren is a graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and is the founder and co-owner of the community magazine she and her husband publish. She is a proud Rotarian, helps run a local non-profit kids science museum, and was awarded Woman of the Year from Congressman Garamendi. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two sons. You can also stay in touch through the social media links below. 



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