Little Too Late 💜 Available Now


How to behave when the guy who broke your heart two thousand miles away turns up in your office:

One: Don’t drop your lucky coffee cup in shock, even though it’s been ten years.

Two: Don’t get defensive when he asks how you ended up working his family’s ski mountain… and why you kept it a secret.

Three: Give him the worst room in the resort. He deserves it for suddenly waltzing back in like he owns the place. (Which he kind of does.)

Four, five, six, seven, eight and nine: Do not kiss him in the hot tub.

Ten: Try to keep your heart intact after you break all of your rules.

Because Reed is leaving again. Hate can’t turn back into love. And it’s a little too late


Due to his family situation Reed left his hometown at his earliest opportunity and is a now a successful business. The only thing that brought him back was learning that his father was selling the ski resort he owned however that wasn’t the only surprise as he finds out that his first love is working for his father.

Ava fell in love with Reed when they were in college, but circumstances drove them apart. A decade later he reappears in her life and brings up all the feelings she has tried to bury for so long. The chemistry and connection between them is stronger than ever but will it be enough to overcome their pasts and their very different plans for the future?

I really enjoyed Reed and Ava together as he realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life when he walked away from Ava and wants a second chance but between a fractured family and the sale of the resort they have some challenges to overcome. I listened to an audio copy and thought the narrators did a great job with the emotion and romance of the story.

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