Personal Foul 🏈 Release Blitz

Personal Foul by Jerica MacMillan is now live!

I don’t think I can sink any lower …

Somehow I’ve ended up blackmailing a girl into pretending to be my girlfriend.

Let me back up.Β 

I’ve known Charity since high school. Well, we went to the same exclusive prep school, anyway. We weren’t friends, though.Β 

Now we’re at the same university, and her friend group keeps crossing paths with mine, much to her obvious dismay. Given how vocal she is about disliking me, it’s become a hobby of mine to needle her more anytime the opportunity presents itself. She makes it so easy, getting all red and fiery every time I make even a halfhearted effort to rile her up.

She’s a little spitfire. And maybe I’m a masochist, but I kinda dig it.Β 

Problem is, she clearly hates me. I only make it worse when she begs me to keep a secret I stumble upon, and instead of saying sure, no problem, I tell her she has to clean my apartment. Then one of my teammates discovers her there, assumes we’re dating, and before I know it …

We are. Or at least we’re pretending to.Β 

Problem is, I actually like spending time with her, even though she hates my guts. Except the longer we spend time together, the less she seems to hate me after all …Β 

And the line between pretend and reality starts to blur.Β 

Can we overcome our terrible beginning and make our fake relationship real?
Or will all our secrets tear us apart in the end?

Personal Foul is a full length standalone enemies to lovers romance featuring a hot, bossy football players and the shy girl from high school he blackmails into being his girlfriend. Full of heat and heart with an HEA guaranteed!

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Charity is looking for a fresh start at Marycliff University where nobody knows her past which includes some turmoil in her family and her less than ideal high school days behind. The one thing she hadn’t counted on was that Dylan would be there as well as he is using the secret she doesn’t want revealed against her.

Dylan appears to live a charmed life and college seems to be no different since he is a star on the football field. When he learns something about Charity he decides to use it to his advantage however neither expected to develop feelings for each other and they are about to find out that secrets have a way of being exposed whether you want them to or not.

I did enjoy the evolution of both characters as Charity finds herself in a difficult situation through no fault of her own while Dylan must decide the future he wants and who he wants to share it with.

Meet Jerica MacMillan

Jerica MacMillan has been reading romance since she stumbled into the paperback section of the library as a middle schooler. And it’s been an ongoing love affair ever since!

You can frequently find her sipping coffee out of snarky mugs while dreaming up stories and trying to bring them to life on the page. Join her Book Club at and get a free book!

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