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Playing the Field Book 1

By Rebecca Barber


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Luca has focused all his attention on his career as a professional soccer player which didn’t allow for relationships beyond that with his family. He has realized that it is time for the next stage in his life and there is nothing he would like more than to find that special someone to spend his life with. When he meets Elise he knows that she is special and now he just needs to convince her.

Elise enjoys her job as a teacher and her best friend is a hoot! She meets Luca through her job and rather than being impressed that he is a professional athlete it only makes her cautious however with everything that Luca says and does he shows her that she is the only woman he wants.

I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Luca and unfold especially that he was all in and was determined in his pursuit of her. An enchanting romance, witty banter and a great cast of second characters which brings out the humor of this story.


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The time had come for Luca Conti to hang up his boots.


After a career travelling the world playing in some of the biggest games, his body was tired, and he was looking for the next step.


The only problem was, what came next?


After playing the game he loved day in, day out since he was a kid, Luca had no idea what life looked like on the other side.


Enter Elise McCoy.


Elise doesn’t do sports. She does margarita Mondays and tight-arse Tuesdays. With her job as a schoolteacher filling her days and her crazy best friends filling her nights, she’s not looking for anything more.


Elise is ready to play and Luca is out to win the most important game of his life.


Overtime is the first book in the Playing the Field series is a friends to lovers story filled with a flamboyant side, laughs and a HEA. 



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