The Marriage Arrangement 💛 Now Available


Release Date: November 14th

Genre/Tropes: Marriage of Convenience/Hockey/Scotland/Grumpy/Sunshine/Forced Proximity


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I need a wife. NOW.

With this hockey season on the line, I can’t afford any distractions. And a dating reality show is one huge distraction. But there’s a surefire way to get out of this dating show contract. All I have to do is get married.

Even with a reputation like mine–the Scottish bad boy of hockey–I’m confident I can find someone to play Mrs. Taylor Savage for a year.

Like Becca Barnes. The one who got away. Too bad she hates me. But that’s why she’s perfect for this arrangement.

My contract is dissolved. She gets the bakery of her dreams.


She just has to live with me and pretend she loves me in public for a year. No strings. No touching (unless there’s a camera). No messy heartbreak.

It’s sure to be a challenge because with the way I crave her, keeping my hands to myself might be harder than I planned.

But I can handle this. Being married to her will be easy. As long as I don’t fall in love with her along the way.

Taylor is a professional hockey player who is entering a pivotal part in his career and needs to remain focused on the season. The last thing he needs is to have take part in a dating site so desperate times call for desperate measures which means a marriage of convenience. He has the perfect woman in mind and now he just needs to convince her.

The building that Becca and her sister chose for the bakery needs more renovations than she can afford. When she and Taylor first met there was no denying the attraction between them, but it ended before it really began. The arrangement he offers will benefit both their careers and with the rules clearly defined what could possibly go wrong?

There was no denying the chemistry and connection between them but when life threw them curveballs, they didn’t always make the best choice, but friends and family weren’t about to stand by and let them make the biggest mistake of their lives. The performance of the narrators made this great story even better as they brought out the personality of the sexy Scot as well as the fierce and strong side of Taylor.

About the Author:

Kim writes steamy contemporary and sexy paranormal romance. You’ll find her paranormal romances written under the name K. Loraine and her contemporaries as Kim Loraine. Don’t worry, you’ll get the same level of swoon-worthy heroes, sassy heroines, and an eventual HEA.

When not writing, she’s busy herding cats (raising kids), trying to keep her house sort of clean, and dreaming up ways for fictional couples to meet.

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