Filthy Jealous Heir 🧡 Available Now

Release Date: December 15 

He’s filthy. He’s jealous… and he’s dead set on ruining her. 

Olivia Beckworth knows what it’s like to live in a man’s world. She is the twin sister of an All Hallows’ Heir, after all. 

Wicked. Arrogant. Entitled. They stalk the halls of All Hallows’ like gods.

She hates everything they stand for, everything they represent. But she hates none more than Reese Whitfield-Brown. Her brother’s ex-best friend and the Heir that up and left them without so much as a word.

At least with Reese gone, no one will ever find out her dirty secret little secret.

She’s safe. She can move on with her life…

Until Reese shows up ready to get revenge on everyone who hurt him.

Including Olivia.

His new stepsister. 

Filthy Jealous Heir: part one is a dark high school bully romance. If possessive, rugby playing alphaholes aren’t your thing, you probably won’t like this book!


Grab your copy here!

Reese is an heir who chose to live when life as he knew it destructed around him through no fault of his own. He has now returned to take his rightful place and is determined to get revenge against those he believes wronged him and it starts with Olivia.

Olivia is Oak’s twin sister who is a fellow heir and Reese’s best friend before his life changed and if that isn’t complicated enough, they are about to become step siblings. Despite the way he treats her that doesn’t diminish the feelings and attraction she has for him.

The banter between them is entertaining and Olivia’s feisty personality isn’t about to just take Reese’s behavior without fighting back. Secrets are revealed and the surprises keeping coming which leaves us wanting more of Reese, Olivia and their story.

Read the prequel Wicked Heinous Heirs for FREE here

Meet Caitlyn Dare

Caitlyn Dare is a Top 50 Amazon bestselling author of dark romance. 

She writes angsty, gritty stories about alphaholes you’ll love to hate and the feisty girls who bring them to their knees.


Her bestselling series include: Savage Falls Sinners MC, a dark high school reverse harem romance; and Rebels at Sterling Prep, a dark bully high school romance.


To learn more about Caitlyn Dare & her books, visit here


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