Boo! Can You See Us? Book 2 πŸ‘» New Release


Boo! Can You See Us? Book Two

Series: Faeven Realm 

By: Desy Smith

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The continuation of Boo! Can You See Us? 2 is finally here…

Luna will finally meet the one person responsible for her unenlightened predicament, and the secrets revealed will haunt her forever.

Will her naivety make her a pawn in this new realm?

Cairo is the king of kings in his realm. Very little surprises him, but he lacks a skill that may not only take Luna away from him but also destroy the place he calls home. 

Will he be able to adapt?

Join Luna and Cairo in a realm where anything can happen and the Supernatural dead are alive and plenty.

Catch up with the rest of the Faeven Realm Series

Boo! Can You See Us? Book One:

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