Reined In 🤠 Available Now

REINED IN by Kim Loraine

Release Date: December 16th

Genre/Tropes: Accidental Pregnancy/Friends-to-Lovers/Roommates/Cowboy/Military

REINED IN, the 5th standalone book of the Ryker Ranch Series by Kim Loraine is NOW LIVE!!

Grab this all-new friends-to-lovers, military, cowboy romance TODAY!

Available now in e-book and audiobook!

Audio: Narrated by Stella Hunter and Aaron Shedlock

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One night together nearly ruined our friendship, but then two pink lines changed our lives forever.

When I got out of the military and came back to Ryker Ranch, all I wanted was a place to call home. I found that with Jenna Hughes. She offered me a roof over my head on one condition – that we stay firmly in the friend zone.

It’s all going fine until a blizzard derails our plans, and we obliterate the line we swore never to cross. Now, I can’t look at my roommate without wanting more.

Especially when Jenna tells me she’s pregnant.

But the last thing she wants is for me to stick around because of the baby. She doesn’t realize she’s had me roped for a long time, and I never want to let go of the reins.

How the hell can I convince my sweet stubborn girl to let me love her without scaring her away?

Jenna and Trent are not only friends but roommates as well. They have been denying the chemistry between them until a snowstorm and a little too much alcohol has them crossing lines however one night is all they would have. Jenna doesn’t want to destroy their friendship but finding out she is pregnant changes everything.

Trent would do anything for Jenna and that includes being friends only. The unexpected pregnancy is a gamechanger and now Trent is determined to show Jenna that he wants her and the baby not out of duty but out of love.

Jenna is cautious due to her past so Trent lets her set the pace as she shows her with every word and deed that they are destined to be forever and not just friends.

About the Author:

Kim writes steamy contemporary and sexy paranormal romance. You’ll find her paranormal romances written under the name K. Loraine and her contemporaries as Kim Loraine. Don’t worry, you’ll get the same level of swoon-worthy heroes, sassy heroines, and an eventual HEA.

When not writing, she’s busy herding cats (raising kids), trying to keep her house sort of clean, and dreaming up ways for fictional couples to meet.

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