Mountain Redemption 🏔 Available Now

Release Date: January 26

Greasy hands, the filthiest mouth, and one massive…wrench.
Thorne Ridge’s most eligible bachelor is about to meet his match.
And this time, when they spark, they’ll ignite the whole damn town.

They say love hurts. Well, it left me burned and scarred in more ways than one.
Wielding the flame was none other than Laurel King.
The blonde-haired, blue-eyed siren has haunted my dreams since the day she left without a word.
Now, she’s back. She thought she snuck into town.
But, as a Thorne, nothing happens without me knowing. 
Laurel’s all grown up now, luscious lips and all those tempting curves just begging for my dirty hands.
The problem is, she has no plans to stick around this time either.
What she doesn’t know is, I have plans of my own.
Now, it’s time I remind her where she belongs and who she’s always belonged to.

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Laurel would never have come back to her hometown if it wasn’t for her Gram but she is the one person she could never say no to even if it means facing her past and the man she left behind.

Jasper isn’t about to let the past repeat itself. Laurel has always owned his heart and he is determined to show her that the only place she belongs is with him and he will protect her from anyone who doesn’t agree.

Hot chemistry and intrigue as love was not the reason that Laurel and Jasper were torn apart but it will be what brings them back together.

Meet Lola Finn

Dirty-minded, wine-drinking procrastinators extraordinaire, and writers of the sexy words. Lola Finn is an 8/9 enneagram author duo, ready to let out their wild sides.

To learn more about Lola and her books, visit here!
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