Glove Save 🏒 Release Blitz

Glove Save by Teagan Hunter is now live! 

I’ve been told I’m the grumpiest goalie in the league, and that may be the case, but who cares when I’m also killing it this season? The Carolina Comets are currently on a record-breaking run, and I intend to keep it that way.

This means the last thing I need is distractions, but my mother didn’t get that memo. She’s getting married, and after the fiasco I caused at her last wedding, I’m required to bring a date.

That would be easy, except for one little thing: I don’t date.

So why is the only person I want to take a single mom who can’t stand me?

We’re a horrible match, and it makes no sense that I’d be into her. But the more time we spend together, the more it’s starting to look like this might be one game I can’t win.

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Greer is the starting goalie for the Carolina Comets who isn’t known for being personable and due to what he has witnessed when it comes to his parents’ relationships is determined to remain single. When he needs a date for his mother’s wedding, he convinces Stevie to be his plus one and in return he will teach her daughter Macie how to play hockey.

Stevie’s daughter is her whole world and there is nothing she wouldn’t do for her and that includes spending time with an infuriating hockey player who has agreed to teach her daughter to play the game she loves. As they spend time together she realizes that there is much more to Greer than she thought and what was supposed to be fun is starting to feel like so much more.

I adored the revolution of Greer’s character as Stevie and Macie break through his walls before he realizes what happens. Hot chemistry, humorous interactions and all the feels as Greer finds the family he didn’t know he wanted but now can’t live without.

Meet Teagan

TEAGAN HUNTER writes steamy romantic comedies with lots of sarcasm and a side of heart. She loves pizza, hockey, and romance novels, though not in that order. When not writing, you can find her watching entirely too many hours of Supernatural, One Tree Hill, or New Girl. She’s mildly obsessed with Halloween and prefers cooler weather. She married her high school sweetheart, and they currently live in the PNW.


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