Dark Knight 💗 Now Live

Title: Dark Knight

Series: Adair Legacy
Author: K.L. Donn
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2023
Cover Design: Alluring Write Productions
Photographer: Lindee Robinson
Models: Daniel & Shelby
From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes an all-new obsessive, found love, dark contemporary romance.
A boy’s trip with my nephew turned into the chance of a lifetime.
Everything was going great until I saw her.
The girl with rope around her wrists and confusion in her stare.
An intriguing tattoo that led to more questions than answers.
As unique as they come, from her name to her illness, she had me twisted up inside.
Bean Plant Daley.
A fucking joke of a name if I ever heard one.
Only she lives with it daily. Along with the teasing that comes with such a name.
After discovering her family doesn’t give a crap about her, I decide to take Bea home with us.
She tried to warn me, but I refused to listen.
After getting arrested, and charged for kidnapping, Bea goes missing.
Vanishing from thin air.
Or so I’m led to believe.
They don’t want her.
I’ll fight to keep her.
I’m coming Bea, and no one will stop me this time.
A little taboo, a little dark, and whole lot of protective sexy alpha ready and willing to do whatever it takes. Join Nolan Sutton on his search for the one thing he never knew he was missing…love.

Nolan is familiar with the interest that woman have in him, but it isn’t always reciprocated until he sees Bea. Enjoying a boy’s weekend with his nephew Sawyer he sees a woman being led around by other women with a rope and he is intrigued. That quickly grows into a determination to protect her when he finds out about her condition and her living circumstances.

Bea has had a difficult life from what happened before she was born to the treatment she endures at the hands of her stepmother and stepsisters. Nolan shows her understanding and acceptance, but some people will do whatever is necessary to keep them apart.

Nolan is a man that man others fear but he makes Bea feel safe. He and his family will do whatever is necessary to shield her from those who mean her harm and ensure she gets the vengeance she deserves.


KL Donn is a USA Today Bestselling Author addicted to coffee and tacos. As a Canadian author she writes in multiple romance genres and isn’t afraid of a new challenge. She brings you stories that will break your heart and heal it all in one breath. With over 60 published titles since 2015, she has many more planned for the future and enjoys connecting with readers.
On her off time, she’s bingeing Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, and raising 4 amazing children. Married for more than half her life, she experienced her own happily ever after with husband Steve, at just 17. You’ll find them both at book signings once or twice a year, she’s the shy one, he’s there to tell you all about the books his wife writes and how proud he is of her.
Currently she is diving back into the Adair Empire world with the children and has plans to keep the series going with generations of dark stories to come.

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