Past Tryst 💚 Out Now

OUT NOW: Past Tryst

From USA Today bestselling author, Esther E. Schmidt & Addy Archer comes a gripping, standalone romance novel filled with banter, tension, and chemistry.

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Author: : Esther E. Schmidt & Addy Archer
Cover Model: Alex Michael Turner
Photographer: Golden Czermak, FuriousFotog,
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt

Release Days: March 14, 2023

What happens when you mix a television dating show, a prize to win, and pure chemistry between two people? A full-blown collision along with a misunderstanding that lasts till Monday morning when they both–unknowingly–have to show up for work in the same tattoo shop.

Eloise – A new town, a new job, and a huge step forward to break open my shell and crawl out of my comfort zone. The wounds from my past may have healed, but in some form, life ultimately finds a way to rip them right back open.

Lucas – My parents always said my player ways would instantly come to an end once I experience pure chemistry when I finally meet the right woman. They weren’t kidding ‘cause meeting her knocks me off balance in a way that turns life upside down. Including hers when I unravel a dangerous truth from her past.

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