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Release Date: April 28

Cold. Ruthless. Unrelenting.

They call me the stone-hearted prince. As second in command of the Fallen Kings, the title is one I earned through years of violence and bloodshed. There isn’t a man alive that I fear.

But a blue-eyed ballerina holds the power to drop me to my knees.

Mina Ivanova was always meant to be mine. She was eight the first time I saved her life; twelve when I became her bodyguard and swore a blood oath to always protect her; and twenty when I branded her name onto my flesh.

Now, at twenty-five, she’ll soon wear my ring.

Our arranged marriage will be one of honor and duty, of infallible love and consuming obsession. A killer Bratva prince and his broken princess. A silent angel and her avenging devil.

As a child, betrayal and trauma stole Mina’s voice. As a woman, her pain-riddled past still holds her captive. But to bring her peace, I’ll strike a match and torch the world, rendering each of her demons to ash.

Even if doing so costs me my life.

A Note from JE:

Falling for the Broken is an arranged marriage mafia romance featuring a Bratva prince and the Russian princess he’s spent years worshiping from afar. No cliffhanger. You do NOT need to read Falling for the Enemy before diving into Casper and Mina’s story.

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Meet J.E. Parker

J.E. Parker is a multi-genre author of sexy, heart-wrenching romances that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon.

 A self-proclaimed hot mess and coffee connoisseur, she writes books featuring strong heroines, panty-melting heroes, a heaping serving (or two) of angst, and guaranteed happily ever afters.

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