Falling For The Jerk 💛 Release Blitz

Falling for the Jerk by Amy Alves is now live!


It was an accident, I swear. Jensen Vaughn may be the absolute worst, but I didn’t push him down those stairs.
Not intentionally, anyway.

It was supposed to be my graceless butt lying in a broken heap at the bottom of the steps.
But no, the golden boy firefighter and beloved town hero had to take the fall meant for me.

He saved me.
And now the whole town thinks I maimed him on purpose.

So despite our mutual disdain, I’m compelled to help the surly man determined to endure his recovery alone.
Fortunately for him, I’m not deterred by doors slamming in my face.
Because the physical therapist most qualified to get him back on his feet (literally) is me.

Convincing him to put aside our differences long enough for me to help with his recovery was hard.
Accidentally falling for the jerk? Stupidly easy.

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Gracie may come across a klutz who is unable to take care of herself but there is a lot more going on than she is sharing. Once again it is Jensen, her nemesis, who comes to her aid however this time he ends up hurt after the exchange and the only way she knows to help is by offering her skills as a physiotherapist.

Jensen is a firefighter who bears the emotional scars of his past. He would like to keep his distance from Gracie, but fate seems to bring them together when she needs him the most. When he finds himself the one needing help, he is about to find out he doesn’t really know her at all and what he learns only makes him want her more.

The interactions between them are humorous, the chemistry is intense and her feisty and fun personality is exactly what and who Jensen needs to overcome the past.

Meet Amy Alves

Amy Alves writes hot, heartfelt small town romance that will make you laugh and swoon. She is obsessed with creating charming, nosy small towns where unsuspecting heroes fall hard for their strong, quirky heroines.
Amy comes up with her best book ideas while driving or showering, loves messy buns, leggings, sushi, and fuzzy socks and loathes laundry.
Before becoming an author, she was a high school teacher for over a decade. Amy has two crazy cute kids with her high school sweetheart husband, and lives in Alberta, Canada where she wears fuzzy socks nearly year-round.

Connect with Amy
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