Pick Six 🏈 Release Blitz

Pick Six by Maggie Rawdon is now live!


What’s worse than playing a fake girlfriend to the all-pro defensive end for the Seattle Phantom?
When the same infamous playboy is my ex-husband’s best friend.
I’m normally great at keeping my distance from him—pretending like he doesn’t get under my skin.
But after he punches a teammate over me, we’re stuck faking a relationship to save his career and mine.
If we play the game well, we could both get out ahead.
I just have to remember everything about this is for show, including the reformed player act.
A few blurred lines and crossed boundaries won’t change things.
Because falling for your ex’s best friend is wrong, right?

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When Harper married her husband, she believed that he was someone she could trust but she soon finds out she couldn’t be more wrong. When a man refuses to accept that she isn’t interest in his advances the last person she expected to come to her rescue was Alex or that to downplay the fallout they would find themselves in a pretend relationship.

Alex and Harper have a past that ended before they could see what they had together, and she ended up marrying not only his agent but his friend as well. He isn’t about to let her walk away a second time and that means convincing her she is the only woman he will ever need.

Harper isn’t sure she’s ready to let anyone in her life and believes he will lose interest, but Alex is supportive as he helps her reclaim the woman she used to bet. Great chemistry and captivating characters as Harper and Alex get the second chance they both deserve.

Meet Maggie Rawdon

Maggie loves books, travel and wandering through museums. She lives in the Midwest where you can find her writing on her laptop with her two pups at her side, in between binge watching epic historical and fantasy dramas and cheering for her favorite American (and European) football teams on the weekends. She loves writing dirty athletes and smart women and has a soft spot for writing characters who banter instead of flirt.

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