Mercy Bay ✩✩✩ New Release

 ✩✩✩ NEW RELEASE ✩✩✩

Mercy Bay

A Romantic Suspense Novel


By Billie Dale

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US | UK | AU | CA


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From award-winning author Billie Dale comes the story of a mother’s fight to keep herself and her daughter out of the clutches of the Cosa Nostra and away from an obsessed stepbrother whose feelings are anything but brotherly.

I needed a place no one would know me.


And as far from everyone in my past as possible without leaving the country.

The island of Mercy Bay is my fresh start.

I’m a new mother with a colicky baby and no support system. Nights of screaming bring the surly neighbor to my door. Big, brooding, ex-hocky playing, infuriating and hot, Walker Wheler is the baby whisperer. He adores my daughter.

Me? Not so much.


I don’t need another man to complicate my life, but I can’t resist Walker. After a night of explosive passion, I discover I’m not the only one with secrets.

When the twisted truth comes calling, I learn that no matter how far or fast you run, the past will always find you in the end.



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