Resist 🎬 Now Live

Title: Resist
Author: Ava Harrison
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Grumpy/Sunshine, Forced Proximity
Release Date: May 15, 2023
From USA Today bestselling author Ava Harrison comes a steamy standalone romance about a grumpy talent agent and the gorgeous business rival who can’t stand him.
He’s the hotshot agent who hates my guts.
I’m the (almost) one-night stand turned business rival.
Imagine my surprise when Paxton Ramsey shows up across the boardroom table.
Gone is the sexy smirk, replaced by open hostility with a side of taunting.
His overbearing, grumpy attitude makes my blood boil.
But I can’t forget the taste of our kiss. The thrill of his touch.
Our clients expect us to work together.
I can’t even stand being in the same zip code.
Surely, I can survive one week trapped on an island with my nemesis?
Until one week turns into two. Then three. Then four.
When he flaunts his power to make my career dreams come true…
It takes everything in me not to ruin his.
Paxton Ramsey thinks he’ll be the death of me.
But I just might teach him how to live in the process.
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The night that Paxton met Mallory he felt an immediate connection however when he needed to take care of an important business matter it wasn’t meant to be. He never expected to see her again and certainly wasn’t expecting that not only was she the agent of the woman appearing opposite his client in a movie but that she was the daughter of a man he doesn’t respect.

Mallory’s father is a successful agent however she is determined to build her career her way. Now she and her client find themselves travelling to a tropical location where she will be required to spend time with Paxton. Let the complications begin!

Due to her father Paxton had preconceived ideas about who she was both personally and professionally and I enjoyed seeing him realize how wrong he was. Hot chemistry, entertaining interaction and some drama will have you invested in them and their story.

Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.
When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.

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