Title: Club 24 Seriies
Author: Kimberly Knight
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Spencer Marshall was done moping. After catching her boyfriend cheating with his secretary, she decides to have a girl’s weekend in Vegas with her best friend, Ryan. Lady Luck must be looking out for Spencer, because the hottie that has caught her eye at her new gym is on the same flight to Vegas.
Spencer is old-fashioned in the sense that she feels the guy should make the first move, but this hottie hasn’t approached her…until they have one hot dance in Vegas that leaves her questioning his motives.
Will her hottie finally speak to her, or will he continue playing a game of flirtation that may lead to nowhere? And will situations from their past keep them from taking the next step?
Despite what people say, not everything stays in Vegas, especially when you work out every day at the same time and at the same gym.


After Spencer catches her boyfriend cheating on her all she wants to do is wallow in her misery with her couch and ice cream for company however when her best friend Ryan also breaks up with her boyfriend her days of wallowing are done. Ryan convinces her that some fun and sun on a girl’s trip to Vegas is exactly what they need.

While they are there Spencer keeps running into the sexy guy she has been crushing on at the gym. They share a hot dance and a few more interactions but they leave for home with neither making the first move or Spencer even knowing his name. It is when they get home that she finally learns his name is Brandon and once he makes his move that is when things start to heat up.

Full of twists, angst and emotion the characters draw you in and leave you wanting more of their story.

From the moment she first saw him running on the treadmill next to her, Spencer Marshall fell head over heels in love with Brandon Montgomery. After Spencer has a near-death experience she would rather forget, they do their best to move on with their lives, leaving their past behind them.
Thankful for a fresh start and eager to move on with her life, Spencer focuses on helping her best friend, Ryan Kennedy, plan her wedding. Everything seems to be going as planned when someone from Brandon’s past reappears.
Can Spencer and Brandon survive the coming days as they struggle to deal with ghosts from the past?


The love story of Brandon and Spencer that began in Where I Need To Be. After the upheaval that happened at the end of the first book Brandon and Spencer are trying to put it behind them and their relationship is stronger than ever however the threats to them and their relationship are not over yet.

Their decision to move in together coincides with Spencer helping Ryan plan her wedding so love is in the air. She meets his family including his brother Blake and all is well with their world until life throws them another obstacle, but this time will they escape with their lives?

I enjoyed watching Spencer and Brandon’s relationship change as they went from dating to living together and all the adjustments that go along with that. More angst, drama and suspense lie in front of them but that only makes it more interesting.

After walking in on her cheating boyfriend, fate led Spencer Marshall to the love of her life, Brandon Montgomery. Now she has a wedding to plan.
With hope that the demons from their pasts will finally leave them alone, Brandon and Spencer look forward to growing old together. Just as things are finally looking up, an unexpected houseguest arrives and stays much longer than expected.
Will their love be strong enough to overcome the bad influences of their new roommate and the emotional aftermath of dealing with the trial? And when an unforeseen tragedy strikes, can Spencer finally have the happy ending she deserves?


The love story of Brandon and Spencer continues. They are working to leave their pasts behind and are ready to embrace their happy ever after when Blake, Brandon’s brother arrives, and is no hurry to leave. It is not so much that he is staying with him it is the fact that the man that Spencer fell in love with seems to be changing as he spends more time with his brother. When Spencer overreacts to a situation Brandon must re-evaluate the choices he has been making and decide what is really important.

Brandon and Spencer are perfect for each other and I have liked how their relationship has progressed over the series. They have had a lot of obstacles to overcome but it is how they handled those obstacles that made their love for each other stronger. This installment in the series had more emotion and less drama but it was just as good.

It started with a look …
That led to a hot and steamy dance …
Brandon and Spencer have overcome many obstacles in their relationship including a crazy ex-girlfriend and a college classmate with a scary vendetta. Now a new adventure has begun.
When Brandon goes back to work, Spencer is left feeling overwhelmed and scared that she won’t be a good mother to Kyle. Brandon knows deep in his heart that she will make a perfect mother because she has been a perfect wife, but he doesn’t know how to save Spencer from her desolations.
How will Spencer overcome her personal despairs to fight for her family? And what will happen when Brandon fears that his past isn’t quite done seeking revenge?


Spencer and Brandon have faced so much together and now they must face another challenge which is parenthood. Both Spencer and Brandon love their son Kyle with all their hearts and all they want to do is protect him and be the best parents that they can be.

Spencer’s insecurities about being a mother are affecting her ability to function and she doesn’t want anyone else to know her fears as she is afraid of being judged. Brandon is facing his own concerns due to some scares they have had in the past. In order to get past this obstacle, they must not only accept help from each other but from everyone in their life so that they can be the family that they were always meant to be.

Kimberly Knight is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the mountains near a lake with her loving husband and spoiled cat, Precious. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her favorite reality TV shows, watching the San Francisco Giants win World Series and the San Jose Sharks kick butt. She’s also a two time desmoid tumor/cancer fighter that’s made her stronger and an inspiration to her fans. Now that she lives near a lake, she plans on working on her tan and doing more outdoor stuff like watching hot guys waterski. However, the bulk of her time is dedicated to writing and reading romance and erotic fiction.
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#3 Anything Like Me – https://amzn.to/2zEnJ1O
#4 Down on Me – https://amzn.to/2NQE0th
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#3 Anything Like Me – http://bit.ly/1SpT0ou
#4 Down on Me – http://bit.ly/DOM-BN
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#3 Anything Like Me – http://bit.ly/1V82poW
#4 Down on Me – http://bit.ly/DOM-Kobo
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#1 Where I Need to Be – http://bit.ly/1zKNrfn
#2 Wanted – http://bit.ly/1pOFQcC
#3 Anything Like Me – http://bit.ly/1EyYAQm
#4 Down on Me – http://bit.ly/DOM-iTunes
Perfect Together
His fingers tightened against my ass as he pulled me even harder against him, causing my clit to rub in the perfect spot. My heart raced, my back was covered in sweat, and my panties dampened more while my center throbbed with an almost painful need for more pressure. I couldn’t believe the intensity of the feelings I was experiencing there in public with him, surrounded by what I knew was a club full of people. I didn’t want the song to ever end as I was lost in the moment of imagining it was only us on the dance floor. There was no Ryan or anyone else for that matter next to us. Just him and I in our own bubble knowing that at any moment, I was going to come apart on his leg.
And I did.
Before I realized it, my pussy spasmed and I came, jerking forward to lean my head against his chest to muffle the moan that escaped my lips as I climaxed. His hands grasped my ass tighter, and he kept me pressed hard against his leg. Our bodies continued to sway to the music while the sensation raced through me and I tried not to collapse in the middle of the dance floor.
If he had asked me to go up to his room at that moment, I would have said yes. I had never hooked up with a stranger, let alone in Vegas at a club. I had never had sex in public, never had an orgasm in public for that matter.
I didn’t care.
At last, we slowly stopped dancing. He was still pulling me hard onto his leg and his eyes locked with mine. He gave me his smile I remembered so well. I was trying to relax and let my heart return to normal, but looking into his eyes only made it race more. I still couldn’t speak—could barely breathe. A few seconds later, the song ended. He bent down, nuzzled my neck, and I could feel his warm breath against my skin as he whispered, “Thank you,” and then walked away.

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