Hard and Fast


Title: Hard and Fast
Author: Kathy Lyons
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 8, 2018
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Series: The Locker Room Diaries





Pro veteran catcher Connor Hart has his hands full keeping the hot-blooded rookies on his team focused on the ultimate prize—the World Series. Too bad he can’t seem to concentrate on the game himself. Because every time publicist Gia Kubic walks out on the field, his attention goes AWOL, and all he can think about is a New Years’ Eve kiss that should have gone much further…

As the team publicist, it’s Gia’s job to make heartthrobs out of every member of the team, but even she can’t figure out how to make America’s hottest catcher—and her not-so-secret fantasy—smile for the cameras. She’s fighting him, and her libido, at every turn.

Neither of them seems capable of saying no forever. But Connor has a secret, and he knows if he lets the sexy publicist get too close, his whole world could come crashing down…

Each book in the Locker Room Diaries series is STANDALONE:
* Hitting It
* Sliding Home
* Hard and Fast

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Hard and Fast - Teaser

About Kathy

Kathy Lyons is the wild, adventurous half of USA TODAY bestselling author Jade Lee. A lover of all things fantastical, Kathy spent much of her childhood in Narnia, Middle Earth, Amber and Earthsea, just to name a few. “There is nothing I adore more than to turn around on an ordinary day and experience something magical. It happens all the time in real life and in my books.”

Winner of several industry awards including the Prism-Best of the Best, Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice and Fresh Fiction’s Steamiest Read, Kathy has published over 50 romance novels and yet says she’s just getting started. “It’s the love story that gets me every time. There’s magic powers and then there’s the magic of love. The first is cool. The second is life.”

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Connor is the Indianapolis Bobcats who is feeling the effects of his pro career on his 27 year old body. He has been attracted to the team’s publicist Gia for over two years when they shared a kiss before he knew she would be working with the team. He has enough drama going on with his life so the last thing he needs is to get involved with her especially since his own publicist who happens to be his sister has made her feelings about her quite clear.

Gia enjoys her job as the team publicist, but it is not without its challenges. She has been attracted to Connor since they shared their first and only kiss. She knows that she needs to keep her distance but working with him manages to get her heart thumping as well as give her the biggest headache at the same time.

I enjoyed these two together as they both shared difficult pasts and there was no denying the chemistry between them. Gia was both feisty and willing to “take one for the team” but at times Connor needed to not be so loyal to those in his life.

Hard and Fast - Series

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