Title: Soulmate

Series: Rascals #4

Author: Katie McCoy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2018
Five guys. One bar. And a whole heap of sexy trouble…Sawyer Landry is sexy, rugged, charming… and did I mention sexy? Back in
college, we were best of friends – which meant I secretly hid an epic
unrequited crush, while he dated every other girl on campus… and then told me
all about it the morning after.

Now I’m back in Chicago for the first time in years, and Sawyer is determined
to rekindle our friendship. I swore, I wouldn’t put my life (and heart) on hold
for him again, but just one look at his handsome face and I know, he’s still
the only man for me.

But this time, things are going to be different. No more sitting around,
waiting for him to realize his dream woman is right in front of him. No, I’m
going to make him see, I’m not just one of the guys anymore.

But can I really go from sidekick to soulmate? And will this playboy bachelor
realize, true love is waiting – if he’d only take a chance?

Find out in the hot new standalone romance from Katie McCoy!

#1 Rascal

#2 Wingman

#3 Heartbreaker

#4 Soulmate

#5 Troublemaker – Dec 10th


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Releasing December 10, 2018
Author Bio
Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical. A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn’t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.
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Gabi and Sawyer were best friends in college however her feelings ran much deeper and she believed that he never really saw her. She decided that she needed a fresh start away from Sawyer as watching him be with everyone but her was too painful so after their graduation she left with no further word. She has returned to their hometown for a job opportunity and her Plan A is to just avoid him.

When Sawyer finds out that Gabi has returned home he is looking forward to reuniting with his friend once again. He doesn’t know why they lost contact, but he is determined that it is not going to happen again.

From their first meeting Gabi’s plan became a memory as the feelings she has for him are stronger than ever. She has now moved on to Plan B which is to show the man that avoids commitment that they are soulmates.

I loved how Gabi has changed. The time away has made her confident and she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it while Sawyer doesn’t know what hit him.


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