WTW BannerOne life-altering phone call and an explosive secret will stand between Zak and Ellie’s shot at love. But will their love be worth the wait, or will it fall short?
Find out now in the highly anticipated Worth The Wait by JB Heller
**Book two in a series of interconnecting standalones.

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Some secrets shouldn’t be kept…

Being with Ellie is easy. She’s fiery, brilliant, gorgeous and knows her way around an engine. I knew the moment I saw her, fire flashing in her green eyes, that she was it for me. We fit together perfectly, her outspoken nature complementing my reserved one.
I’ve never been so at peace, so absolutely content. There’s only one thing that could ruin it all, my past. There are things I haven’t told her, things she needs to know. But I’m not the only one who’s been keeping secrets, and it’s all about to surface in the worst possible way.
I can’t loose her, not when I only just got her. Protecting people is what I do, it’s more than my job, it’s my sole purpose in life. It’s why I joined the military then became a bodyguard.
The man threatening what’s mine obviously doesn’t value his own life, because nobody messes with my family and walks away unscathed.

Worth the Wait is a sizzling standalone novel in the Alpha One Protection romantic suspense series. If you like sexy alpha men, free-spirited women, and shocking plot twists, then you’ll love JB Heller’s danger-riddled romance.

**Book two in a series of interconnecting standalones.
#NewRelease #AlphaOneSeries #JBTheIndie #tbrlist #ebook #IndieAuthor

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Looking down into her forest green eyes, she pants for breath, begging me to stop my assault. This moment may very well be the happiest I’ve ever been.
“Mercy! Mercy!” Ellie squeals from beneath my tickling fingertips. “I’m sorry! You’re. Not. A. Sasquatch!”
Relenting, I lift my hands an inch away from her tiny body, allowing her to catch her breath momentarily. Raising a brow, I ask, “Are you sure? Because you sounded pretty certain of your assessment.”
Tears ebb at the edges of her eyes. “I swear, never again. I’ll never call you a Sasquatch ever again. As long as you keep those pee inducing fingers away from my tickly spots.”
I grin and offer her a hand to sit up. “Deal, for now.”
Curling her delicate fingers around my palm, she allows me to help her into a sitting position. Red keeps hold of my hand as she shuffles closer to me on the couch until she’s tucked tight into my side. I wrap my arm around her petite shoulders, loving the warmth of her against me.
Ellie smiles up at me, and again I’m struck by just how happy she makes me. She doesn’t even have to try. Being her quirky self is all I need. She’s like a little fireball of fresh air, giving me a new outlook on life. She’s bubbly and vivacious, but I’ve seen her shoot a loaded gun with a look of concentration that would put my uptight friend Abe, to shame.
I’m not one of those sappy blokes who believe in fate or soul mates. And love at first sight? Yeah, no. But the second I saw her flying through the lobby of that flash hotel in fluorescent green leggings, with a look on her gorgeous face that made grown men cup their balls, I was a goner.
“What are you thinkin’ about, big man?” Ellie asks, tilting her chin to look up at me, “You’re smiling awfully bright for no apparent reason. It’s kinda creepy.”
Chuckling, I slide my hand down her thigh towards the spot just above her knee that I know will make her jump if I give it a little squeeze. “That’s not very nice,” I tell her, edging my hand closer to the spot.
Her eyes shoot to my hand, snatching it up between both of hers lightning fast. “No, that’s not very nice,” she argues, flashing her eyes back and forth between my face and her knee.
“I was smiling because you make me happy, you crazy little gremlin. That’s all.” I roll my eyes and flip my hand so that it’s laced with hers. “Can’t a man enjoy your company without it being creepy?”
She snorts—actually snorts—and it’s fucking adorable. “Ah no, that’s not how this is supposed to work. You’re supposed to be sick of me by now, not sitting around all dreamy eyed and smiling at me.”

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