The D.I.L.F. by Amy Andrews
on January 23, 2019


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I’ve had a crush on Stefanie, my best friend’s older sister, since I was fifteen. As a geeky gamer with a bad case of acne, she was totally out of my league. But I’m all grown up now, with a medical degree and an in-depth knowledge of female anatomy I’m not afraid to use. When we cross paths again I finally get my chance to live out a few teenage fantasies and prove I can be her guy. I just have to convince Stef to take a chance.

As a resident nurse,I’ve had enough of arrogant doctors to last me a lifetime. I’m not looking for another. I’m especially not looking to hook up with my kid brother’s bestie—ten years my junior—even if he has morphed into a walking, talking, wet dream. If only he wasn’t sleeping in my spare bed for three weeks and making it very clear he wants to be in my bed instead. Not going to happen. I don’t do casual anymore. No matter how much I want to open my legs for the DILF.






Ever since he was 15 Owen has lusted after his best friend’s older sister however due to the fact that she a beauty and he was a geek and the ten year age difference he knows that there could be nothing between them. Some things may have changed since then but the one thing that hasn’t is that his feelings for Stephanie are stronger than ever and while he is staying with her for three weeks waiting for his apartment, he is going to put that time to good use.

Stefanie is a nurse and she can’t believe that the sexy doctor is the same person as the geeky boy she remembers being her brother’s best friend. Too bad that she has sworn off dating doctors and that he is too young, right?

I really enjoyed Owen and Stefanie together. Hot chemistry, humorous banter and the only thing standing between them was Stefanie’s reservations.


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