Title: Ms. Baker

Series: Eastern Shore #2

Author: Lea Coll

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Release Date: March 26, 2019



Ever since
Jack protected Samantha from a high school bully, the two have been friends.
But she wants more from the sexy firefighter. Too bad Jack has always seen her
as the shy sweet girl, who can’t stand up for herself.
She can’t
resist his boyish smile when he stops by the bakery for coffee. Or stop herself
from bringing baked goods to the fire station.
It’s time
to prove she’s all grown up and can take care of herself.


And show
him, she’s done being friends.


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Jack: Stopping by the station tomorrow?
I laughed
at his transparency and typed: Are you
requesting a bakery delivery?
Jack: Nope just want to see you.
I shook my
head at that. Pretty sure you only want
my baked goods.
Jack: That too.
My stomach
flipped at his comment. As much as I wanted to pass it off as Jack being
friendly, I couldn’t. He was flirting. My mind raced with the possibilities.
Was he finally making a move? God knows, I’d never made one. I turned the mixer
off, covered the batter, and placed it in the fridge overnight. I would fry the
donuts in the morning.
I wanted
Jack to see me as a strong, independent woman. One he could see himself with. I
just had no idea how to be that person.
I looked
down to find flour on my pajamas, so I quickly changed. I checked my phone when
I finally eased under the covers.
Jack: Sweet dreams, Ms. Baker.
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Author Bio
Lea Coll worked as a trial attorney for over ten years. Now
she stays home with her three children, plotting stories while fetching snacks
and running them back and forth to activities. She enjoys the freedom of
writing romance after years of legal writing.
She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and currently
resides in Maryland with her family.
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Samantha did not have the easiest childhood, but her one escape was baking. She has worked at the bakery since she was 16 and she thought that when the owner retired that she would be able to take it over. Fate had other plans when Justin the owner’s son decided to take it over and they do not have a happy past.

Jack and Sam have been friends for years and he has always wanted to protect her. He is helping his father out at the marina and is a volunteer firefighter.

The feelings that Sam and Jack have for each other run much deeper than friends, but neither is willing to cross the line. With all the suspicious activity going on in town they become closer, but will they finally take the leap from friends to lovers?

This is a sweet and sexy small town romance between two friends that were destined to be more. Sam shows a strength she never knew she had, and Jack is so protective when it comes to Sam.


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